BCAT Video of “Havoc” Naming

Havoc the Sculpture with Sean McDonald

Here is the BCAT video about the announcement of Havoc as the new name for our edition of the Great American Dog sculpture by Dale Rogers. https://youtu.be/225eOLvKZoo

Dog Name Winner: “Havoc”

Havoc the Dog and Havoc the Sculpture

The winner of the Dog Name Contest was revealed at a small ceremony right at the American Dog sculpture. The winning name is “Havoc”, who is a retired Burlington Police dog, with a great record of public service, including being one of the dogs that helped in the Marathon Bombing searches. Havoc’s handler from the […]

Winner of Dog Name Contest To Be Announced!

Puppy Sculpture

THE VOTES ARE IN! With over 960 votes from the community, a new name for the American Dog sculpture has been chosen!  The name and the winner of the Grand Prize will be announced at the Sculpture Park on Wednesday, Oct 14. Because of the COVID situation we are keeping the event down to just the […]

Havoc Takes the Lead!!!

dog graph

WITH A DRAMATIC SURGE, HAVOC TAKES THE LEAD!!! The race closes this Friday, October 9th at 5pm.  Go vote, but only vote once! VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE NAME.

Dog Name Race Tightens!!!

dog name race graph

While Burly took a strong early lead, Burlingdog is coming up as a strong challenger! The race closes this Friday, October 9th at 5pm.  Go vote, but only vote once! VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE NAME.

Final Sculpture in Place!

global warming scultpure

The 6th and final work of our first phase has arrived and been installed at the park. Global Warming by Nikita Zigura is now in place and it really puts a terrific final touch on the park, with a yellow accent to go along with the bright red and green works. Learn about the work […]

Dog Name Vote Race – October 1st

Here is an October voting race just for fun! As of October 1st, here is the voting for the name for the Big Dog: Art: 3Biscuit: 7Burlingdog: 21Burly: 33Koonepeam: 3Michelangelo: 0Rosie: 3Smithy: 30Wyman: 8 If you have not voted yet, vote here before October 9th. (Sorry, no mail-in ballots.)

6th Sculpture Arrives!

sculpture arrives in crate

After very many emails back and forth to Ukraine, our 6th sculpture, the giant yellow cherries, called Global Warming, arrived via air freight to Logan Airport. A friendly delivery guy brought the crated work to the driveway of Sculpture Committee Chair,  Jon Sachs.  The work is to be uncrated and installed, hopefully, on Tuesday, September […]

Burlington Sculpture Park in Boston Globe

Burlington Sculpture Park

The Boston Globe has published a lovely online article about our sculpture park which will be in print this Sunday, September 6th. The photo of Dale Rodgers wheeling his American Dog into place is by Globe Photographer Suzanne Kreiter. The full length article was written by Globe correspondent Cindy Cantrell.

Park Feature in Burlington Union

burlington union article

The Burlington Union published a good, comprehensive article about the Burlington Sculpture Park. Writer Veer Mudambi did a great job of taking the rather complex story and creating a nice readable summary. You can link to the article here, or download a PDF version.