The Burlington Sculpture Park, an arts project of the Town of Burlington, Massachusetts

Lovebirds sculpture


The latest addition to the sculpture park was commissioned and donated by Maureen Wall, in honor of her parents, Tom and Florence Murray. Wall was inspired to donate the sculpture after visiting the web site of Dale Rodgers, creator of the Havoc the dog sculpture on Burlington Common. Maureen was captivated by one of Rodgers’ sculptures that incorporated cardinals in its design. Ever since the passing of her parents, Maureen has felt comforted by a male and female cardinal which regularly visit her yard.

“I wanted to find a place other than the cemetery for people to visit and remember loved ones. Sometimes cemeteries focus on the loss and death rather than the beauty of the live lived,” said Wall. “It makes me and my siblings so happy to honor our parents while giving back to the town they loved so much.”

Tom and Florence Murray served the Town of Burlington for decades. Tom was a firefighter and Florence served as a Police Traffic Supervisor. The couple married in 1961 and raised their four children in Burlington. Both Tom and Florence were known to quietly lend a helping hand to neighbors who needed support through times of struggle or loss. They were an integral part of Burlington and considered the townspeople extended family members. Tom was also a prominent 2nd generation real estate developer.

“My parents took pride in building homes and families, as opposed to just houses,” said Wall. “I think this sculpture is a beautiful permanent memorial to my parents and the significance of Burlington in their lives.”

The Sculpture Park Committee is proud to accept this lovely sculpture in honor of Tom and Florence Murray. Anyone interested in contributing to the Sculpture Park should reach out to the Committee via our contact form.