Stonework for Scouts!

Stone sculptor Joshua Ruder did a talk and demonstration to a group of Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, and interested kids at the Sculpture Park. He

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stone sculptor Joshua Ruder at work

Bench Sculpting Continues

Stone sculptor Joshua Ruder continues his work creating stone benches from boulders this week at The Sculpture Park.

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Follow Your Heart

First Snow in the Park!

Someone asked last summer, “What will happen when it snows on the sculpture?” We suggested they will be enhanced by the snow, beautiful in new

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dog graph

Havoc Takes the Lead!!!

WITH A DRAMATIC SURGE, HAVOC TAKES THE LEAD!!! The race closes this Friday, October 9th at 5pm.  Go vote, but only vote once! VOTE FOR

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sculpture arrives in crate

6th Sculpture Arrives!

After very many emails back and forth to Ukraine, our 6th sculpture, the giant yellow cherries, called Global Warming, arrived via air freight to Logan

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