The 16 Painted Pigs Project Fundraiser: Pigs on Parade!

Click each photo to see it larger! The pigs will be on the common until September 1, so you have all summer to visit them, take photos with them, and enjoy.

Hamma Time

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When it’s hammer time, call RJK.

Artist: Ron LeBrasseur

Poppy the Pig

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Artist: COA Art Class


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Supporting Burlington students by bringing science to life!

Artist: Nina Suchanya Samutchotchuang

Sowwy Night Van Gogh

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Artists: Artists: Onyx Hopkins, Afsa Khalifa, Guiliana Magrane, Nyasha Lee-Anne Mlilwana


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Banking. Well Crafted.

Artists: Artists: Dino Apinian, Bridget Boermeester, Jazmine Gordillo Leon


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Be Bold. Be Good. Be Generous.

Wonder Pig

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Artist: Tara Bilotta


Artists: Dove Jimenez, Eiko Coram


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Artist: Jon Sachs


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Home is Burlington

Artists: Afsa Khalifa, Nyasha Lee-Anne Mlilwana, Onyx Hopkins, Giuliana Magrane


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Modern Outside of the Box Ideas


Serving Burlington For Over 30 years

Artists: Eiko Coram, Dove Jiminez, Atila Faiz, Isabella Petrizzi


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The L’Heureux Family

Artist: Isa Fischer


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Artist: Susan Limoncelli

Dr. Oinks a Lot

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Urgent Care With Heart!

Artist: Sadie Riordon


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Artists: Ruth Neeman

A video of the unveiling of 16 painted pig sculptures:

A map of the pig sculptures

The Burlington Sculpture Park in the News

Pigs on Parade

Pigs on Parade

Saturday, June 22, 2024 the Pigs on Parade will be open for viewing in the town center on the town common. It will be a

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This project was done in cooperation with the New England Sculptors Association, who provided us with invaluable advice, attended all of our committee meetings, and in the end provided us with the actual works of art.

A generous grant from Nordblom Companies made this park possible.  We wish thank them and will again, every time we visit the park!

We provide this map because not everyone, even in Burlington, knows where the sculpture park sits. It is in the center of town, right between the Police Station and Grandview Farm. We invite you to come visit any time!