The Burlington Sculpture Park, an arts project of the Town of Burlington, Massachusetts

joshua Ruder

Stone Benches

Sculptor Joshua Ruder created three stone benches for us, which we have become a part of the Burlington Sculpture Park, works of art on their own.

Joshua chose a series of boulders that were unearthed when The Trustees did major earthwork at Mary Cummings Park. With the help of Burlington’s DPW and Highway Department, 6 very large boulders were brought to the park and placed under the watchful eye of sculptor Ruder.

He also picked out 3 slabs of unused granite curbstone, also from Mary Cummings Park. These slabs were also brought back to the sculpture park.

Joshua then spent much of the summer of 2021 cutting and chipping and forming these boulder and slabs into massive stone benches that are place in three corners of the park.

The process was observed by people of all ages and Joshua gave periodic talks and demonstrations about the art of stone sculpture.

You can visit Joshua’s web site where he shows a wide range of work in stone, metal, wood, plaster, and ceramics.

Below is a gallery of photos from the demonstration Joshua gave a group of scouts.