The Burlington Sculpture Park, an arts project of the Town of Burlington, Massachusetts



On June 22, 2022, the sons of sculptor Joseph Ferguson installed his work, Seraph, at the Burlington Sculpture Park. 

Eric and Chris Ferguson grew up helping their father build sculptures from an early age. And these days they install his works in locations in New England and beyond.

Joe Ferguson, being 92 at this time, was busy sculpting and left the heavy lifting to his able sons.

Joseph has a wonderful, visually rich website that you can explore to see much more of his work.

Be sure and visit Seraph in different times of year and in different weather. The sun shines through it, painting the ground with shades of blue. The first snowfall that is followed by a sunny day will be a world class visual delight.

Below, watch a video of the installation and below the video see a gallery of photos.