The Burlington Sculpture Park, an arts project of the Town of Burlington, Massachusetts

POD at Burlington Sculpture Park


On June 29, 2022, sculptor David Adilman installed his granite work, Pod, with help from a friend and from the Burlington DPW.

Down this page you can watch a video of the installation and meet David. 

“The Pod is a loose interpretation of an organic form I saw in nature.  It is a granite piece that becomes soft, smooth and enveloping while still retaining the rugged coarseness of raw granite.  What do you see? “

David is a sculptor working primarily in stone, sometimes clay and bronze.  He creates both figurative and abstract work.  His figurative work is aimed at evoking an emotional reaction.  His abstract work seeks to find pleasing forms that are exciting to see at first glance and meant to be touched.  David has been creating sculpture for more than 20 years and has participated in many workshops and exhibits over the years.

Visit David’s webpage to see much more of his work and learn more about him.

David says, “I remember more than 25 years ago stumbling upon Rodin’s “Burghers of Calais. I walked around it for a long, long time. I was mesmerized and blown away by the power of it. I also thought, how fun it would be to make something like that. So, I started doing figurative sculpture in clay at various art programs, sometimes making molds and casting pieces.  As a professional geologist it was only natural that I started working in stone.  First with limestone, then marble then granite.  I have done figurative work and abstract and some combinations.  I enjoy it all – from the early design to the fabrication to the installation.  The most fun is when you pull out a body part or form you are seeking out of the stone.  It’s a perfect mix of courageous action, physical exertion, intense observation and focused contemplation.  I also really enjoy collaborating with others and in the end if I make something that people enjoy then all the better!”