The Burlington Sculpture Park, an arts project of the Town of Burlington, Massachusetts

Rybee House #3

Rybee House #3

Here is how Stephen Klema describes this work:

“The roofed sculptural bench designs of the “Rybee House” series incorporate a sense of whimsy and fantasy, and stylized images of archetypal forms of shelter and nature. Roofs provide a sense of home, benches with raised relief leaf graphic provide a resting place in nature, while the houses and doorways on a face or corner of a structure represent transition and change — paths of entry and emergence.”

Stephen and his wife, Patty Weiss, drove the work from northwestern Connecticut to Burlington and unloaded and assembled the work on June 17, 2022.

Visit his website at

He has many more fascinating works to explore, one that we loved for our first group, but got scared by the pointy saw teeth that are the basis of that very cool work.

Note that Rybee House has a nice little seat built in that you are supposed to sit in, specially kids! So if you take a great photo of someone sitting in the Rybee House chair – send it to us to add to the gallery.

Below is a video and gallery of images from the installation.