Donation Goal Acheived

Through the generous donations of local business leaders and citizens we have collected enough funds to purchase the popular sculpture Global Warming, know as the yellow cherries. We wish to sincerely thank the nearly 100 people, residents and friends, who stepped up to donate. As we learn more about the progress of Ukrainian sculptors Nikita […]

Sculpture Park Committee Report to Town Meeting

Sculpture Park Committee Chair Barbara L’Heureux gave a report on the progress of the Sculpture Park to Burlington Town Meeting on February 16th, 2022. She reviewed the wide popularity of the park among residents. She also mentioned that for the first time, at the May 2022 Town Meeting, the Sculpture Park Committee will be asking […]

Call for Entries 2022 Now Open

The call for entries for the next round of sculptures for the Burlington Sculpture Park is now open through the website Online Juried Shows. Sculptors can sign up to enter their works at our page on the Online Jury Site. You can also download and read the  Call for Entries in this PDF. The competition […]

Performing Arts in the Park 11-6-21

Red Trouser Show

Here is a short video look at the Performing Art in the Park event on November 6th. A gallery of images from the day…

New Lovebirds Sculpture Unveiled

Lovebirds sculpture

The Burlington Sculpture Park unveiled a new sculpture at the park at 9 am on Saturday September 4, 2021.  The latest addition to the sculpture park was commissioned and donated by Maureen Wall, in honor of her parents, Tom and Florence Murray. Wall was inspired to donate the sculpture after visiting the web site of […]

Sculpture Park for Celebrate Burlington 2021

There will be a number of great reasons to visit The Burlington Sculpture Park during Celebrate Burlington Day on Saturday, August 7th. We will have talks by three of our sculptors, starting at noon. We will have a visit from Boris and Natasha, the two giant dragons. We will have 2 new interactive sculptures to […]

Stonework for Scouts!

Stone sculptor Joshua Ruder did a talk and demonstration to a group of Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, and interested kids at the Sculpture Park. He explained how he goes about creating a bench from solid stone. Then, from a safe distance, the kids watched as Joshua cut into the stone. Linda McNamee did a great […]

Bench Sculpting Continues

stone sculptor Joshua Ruder at work

Stone sculptor Joshua Ruder continues his work creating stone benches from boulders this week at The Sculpture Park.

The Stone Sculpture Bench Project Begins!

joshua Ruder This short video shows Burlington’s DPW Highway Crew moving boulders into place for sculptor Joshua Ruder to create three stone benches in the Burlington Sculpture Park. The public is invited to watch the process from a safe distance.  We will announce the timing and safety restrictions for watching the sculpture  benches created.

Havoc’s Puppies Visit the Park

puppy sculpture

Havoc’s puppies came to visit the Sculpture Park and had many adventures which we were fortunate to capture on video. The puppies are sculptures made by Dale Rogers, as tiny versions of his iconic Great American Dog sculpture, of which our Havoc is one.