On July 20, 2022, sculptor Barbara Fletcher came to the Burlington Sculpture Park and installed her work,  Lumen, with much help from her friend Ron Weed, who also built the graceful stand on which Lumen sits. Lumen is Barbara’s first work in metal, which she plans to use more. She is a mixed media sculptor, […]

Meadow Dancer

Meadow Dancer by John Bonsignore

On July 17, 2022, sculptor John BonSignore installed his Meadow Dancer at the Burlington Sculpture Park. Meadow Dancer is just one of a series of over 60 Toe Dancers that John has created over the years. John has been sculpting for 50 years and has a very wide range of works and you can see […]

Composition #1

Composition #1 by Plaisted

On July 11, 2022, Chris Plaisted came to Burlington to take back his sculpture Endeavour and to install Composition #1 in its place. We had a number of families who came to watch and the little ones loved seeing the sculptures dangling from the backhoe before being set down.  In Burlington, we had major help […]


POD at Burlington Sculpture Park

On June 29, 2022, sculptor David Adilman installed his granite work, Pod, with help from a friend and from the Burlington DPW. Down this page you can watch a video of the installation and meet David.  “The Pod is a loose interpretation of an organic form I saw in nature.  It is a granite piece […]



On June 22, 2022, the sons of sculptor Joseph Ferguson installed his work, Seraph, at the Burlington Sculpture Park.  Eric and Chris Ferguson grew up helping their father build sculptures from an early age. And these days they install his works in locations in New England and beyond. Joe Ferguson, being 92 at this time, […]

Rybee House #3

Rybee House #3

Here is how Stephen Klema describes this work: “The roofed sculptural bench designs of the “Rybee House” series incorporate a sense of whimsy and fantasy, and stylized images of archetypal forms of shelter and nature. Roofs provide a sense of home, benches with raised relief leaf graphic provide a resting place in nature, while the […]


Lovebirds sculpture

The latest addition to the sculpture park was commissioned and donated by Maureen Wall, in honor of her parents, Tom and Florence Murray. Wall was inspired to donate the sculpture after visiting the web site of Dale Rodgers, creator of the Havoc the dog sculpture on Burlington Common. Maureen was captivated by one of Rodgers’ […]

Follow Your Heart

Mark Wholey with Follow Your Heart

This is our work from sculptor Mark Wholey. It is a epoxy resin sculpture, 85 inches in height. The work was installed on July  30 of 2020, and will show in Burlington for at least two years. Mark’s statement about this work: This figure reaches out to follow his/her heart. He strides with confidence and […]

American Dog

This is a work by Dale Rodgers. It is a steel sculpture, 80 inches in height. The work was installed in August of 2020, and will show in Burlington for at least two years. Dale says, “The American dog sculpture is an instantly recognizable New England icon that everyone’s favorite canine friend.” Visit Dale’s website […]

Global Warming

global warming

Global Warming is a work by Nikita Zigura. It is a sculpture of acrylic,aerography and stainless steel, 90 inches in height. The work is to be installed in September 2020, and will show in Burlington for at least two years. Artist’s Statement: We’ve lost Eden with Adam’s and Eve’s original sin, and keep losing its […]